Spaces on Twitter???

I’m diving into a new world, folks. I’m going to host my first Space on Twitter. By diving into this world I mean were leaving this world. I decided to pursue a passion that collides with my writing. Outer space, space travel, and Mars colonization. This is like candy for science fiction and speculative fiction … Continue reading Spaces on Twitter???

Affording Perfection

So you’ve written a book! Awesome! Me too. Grasslands has been done for awhile now, after no less than TEN revisions! So, what’s our next step? For me, I know my weaknesses are grammar and proper punctuation. It’s been pointed out numerous times by my many loving Alpha and Beta readers. Story? Great! Polished? Not … Continue reading Affording Perfection

In The Grip of Fear

There has been blog radio silence from me for about a month. I’d like to blame it all on my kids, or working on the books, but it wouldn’t be totally honest. The same is true for finishing my query letter, and working to fix the grammar in Grasslands. I wish I could just push … Continue reading In The Grip of Fear

Spread The Love: Volume One

I’ve been wanting to do a blog to gush about fellow creators that blow me away. This is that blog! In no particular order, here are some people I’ve read/watched who are more than worth your time! Let me start with Anthony LaFauci (Twitter @AnthonyLaFauci) and Steven Todd (Twitter @StevieWildcard) who not only host a … Continue reading Spread The Love: Volume One

Truth Bombs

Back in October of 2021 I was made aware of an anthology being put together of women’s stories. No real guidelines, just non-fiction or fiction. Or poetry and photography. Mostly they just wanted our journey as women or mothers, or aspiring mothers, ect. It was a really exciting opportunity, and I decided to write a … Continue reading Truth Bombs

Why Do You Write?

I’ve noticed an interesting trend on social media. When you engage in the writing community, often people will ask random questions for the purposes of conversation starting. A very popular one among writers is “why do you write?”. The answer is varied, and I can only answer for myself. I need to write. It’s been … Continue reading Why Do You Write?

Moving Ever Forward

Stagnation has to be one of the most frustrating things a human endures. Doubly so when you know how you want to move forward but finding the when becomes a trial. It’s all about lining up those priorities again. And again. And relining. Again. I am a Mom Who Writes. Mom comes first in that … Continue reading Moving Ever Forward

Back In The Saddle

I had to step away from this passion project of Grasslands, to prioritize correctly. To give Grasslands everything it deserves. I couldn’t do that while focusing on my main job of mother and wife.

About Going Live!

I’m a fairy introverted person. Dealing with social anxiety makes interaction with groups or strangers a difficult experience for me. With the exception of the behind the screen anonymity that blogging or tweeting gives! However, if you’re writing a book and want to gain a following, occasionally you need to put yourself out there. Live … Continue reading About Going Live!

The Art of Perfecting… While Procrastinating

I entered the exciting world of getting beta readers for Grasslands in December 2021. It’s been such an amazing experience, especially considering the feedback has been overall positive! The readers love my writing style, the story concept, the characters. The one piece of constructive feedback I’d received that seemed universal is a lack of conflict … Continue reading The Art of Perfecting… While Procrastinating


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