Grasslands Series

Grasslands is the first book in my new literary/speculative fiction series I’m writing. Grasslands has undergone eight edits thus far, and has entered the beta-reader stage. I’m hoping to begin the journey to an agent early 2022.

Grasslands follows the story of Piper, a nineteen summers old woman who lives a quiet farming life and is content to do so. The Elders of her community see a different future for her. In a world that appears to be a part of our past, Piper may be the key to the future of society.

I’m very proud of this series, for many reasons. It’s the first time I’ve ever done something so big! As well as, in Piper’s world, nearly all the people are multiethnic, the women hold as much weight and authority as the men, and though Piper is young she is sought after for her intelligence and perseverance.

The second book in the series holds far more action, I call Grasslands a “slow burn” setup. In book two I deal with issues such as war, rape, and PTSD. That’s all you get for now!

Book three is turning into a transitional book, a transformation of character and new ideas and growth.

Book four is still simmering, and I may have a book five in me.